Outdoor Recreation Industry

Pachner & Associates offers expertise in insuring commercial guides and outfitters. We know the insurance markets for mountaineering, paddling, snow and equine operations, and keep our ear to the ground for the latest underwriting developments. Our experience includes a wide variety of operations, including both employed and contracted guides, associated activities, concession agreements, festivals/competitions and international operations. Download our Outdoor Recreation Industry brochure.

We are outdoors people who understand mountaineering, skiing, whitewater, sea kayaking, equine, marine and other non-motorized outdoors recreation risks. Pachner & Associates has a good relationship with insurers who respect both our insurance knowledge and our knowledge of outdoors activity organizations. We can represent you in a way that makes sense both to you, and to the insurers. Don Pachner writes a regular column on insurance issues for the American Mountain Guides Association and presents programs on outdoor recreation insurance issues for mountaineering, paddling and other sports.

We are brokers who represent you in your dealings with the insurers and go out of our way to provide an insurance program tailored to your coverage needs and budgetary needs. We have never left a client unexpectedly without coverage. In some instances, we have turned around satisfactory proposals for new clients within a few days of submitting completed applications. We always disclose the remuneration we receive from insurers for servicing your business.

Each of our clients receives personal attention and a custom designed program to meet their needs. We are available all day long and also have a 24/7 web account for each client on request. Existing certificates of insurance can be faxed, emailed or printed from your web account 24/7, and you can check your premium payments or coverage at any time on our secure server. We have capability for payments on our website.

Guides Program

In addition to insurance programs for mountaineering, cross country skiing or snowshoeing, paddling, equestrian and hunting or fishing guides and outfitters, we have programs available for bicycling, outdoors education, camps, regional outdoors or trail organizations, downhill skiing, environmental conservation and education organizations, land trusts, white water rafting, top ropes or challenge courses and most other recreational outdoor activities. We insure all aspects of the non-motorized outdoors recreation business, including lodging/resort, manufacturing, distribution, and retail operations.

Importantly, we have a passion for assisting outdoors organizations with their insurance program and go to bat for them with the companies who write insurance competitively on guides & outfitters and provide the best service when you need them.

Business related to non-motorized outdoors recreation, education and research is a specialty. Affordable coverage for hiking & outdoors activity organizations or trail associations, mountaineering, rock climbing & backcountry skiing, whitewater, sea kayaking, guides & outfitters, downhill skiing and ski areas, as well as environmental conservation organizations, nature education & research centers, and land trusts. We also are experts on ropes/challenge courses, climbing gyms, indoor ski centers, camps and equine risks. We are experienced insuring certification & standards or education associations in the non-motorized outdoor recreation industry.