We Are Flexible

We are flexible and can accommodate your preferred methods of communications. We have enhanced our web site to provide a secure server for policies, account and policy information, insurance certificates, auto ID cards, claims reporting and status, client communication and payments over the web. New client inquiries welcomed.

Company Directory

Donald Pachner, President 

Phone: 518-809-1020

Email: don@pachner.info

Caet Cash, Customer Service Representative 

Phone: 518-809-1016

Email: caet@pachner.info

Coleman Lieb, Customer Service Representative/Claims Representative

Phone: 518-809-1018

Email: coleman@pachner.info

Trisha Bruce, Bookkeeper

Phone: 518-809-1019

Email: trisha@pachner.info

General Phone, Fax, Email, Address

Telephone: Local: 518-576-2100 or Toll Free: 888-582-4884
Fax: Toll Free 866-406-9548 or 866-786-1619
General Information
Outdoor Recreation & Environmental Conservation
Group Program for Certified Chapters of National Audubon Society
Customer Support
Postal address: P.O. Box 140, Keene, NY 12942