Consulting Services and Insurance Risk Management Services

Pachner Risk Management, LLC can act as a consultant to help you design an insurance program and bidding process to ensure you obtain the proper coverage at a competitive premium. Pachner Risk Management also provides insurance administrative services.

Key Benefits

  • You will implement an appropriate insurance program for your business
  • Your insurance costs will be in line with the most competitive in your industry
  • We will administer the insurance program to free your administrative staff to focus on your industry
  • No need for your own risk management staff and costs associated with additional staff positions
  • Reduce the size of your human resources staff


Flexible Cost Structure To Fit Your Business 
We can charge on an hourly fee basis or on an annual retainer.  

We Provide Services for All Your Insurance Needs 
We can consult and administer all your insurance programs, ranging from property & casualty and marine to group benefits.  

We Are Highly Automated 
We can provide up-to-the-minute insurance reports or business documents required by your business partners quickly, and we can take advantage of the latest insurance industry interfaces to most efficiently administer your insurance programs. We utilize a state of the art document imaging system to quickly retrieve stored documents.  

We Can Review Your Business Contracts from an Insurance Standpoint 
We have expertise in reviewing your business contracts for insurance implications.  

We Will Assist You in Establishing Up-to-date Insurance Requirements for Contractors 
We will analyze your use of outside contractors, assist you in establishing appropriate insurance requirements and implement the guidelines you establish, including review of evidence of insurance.  

We Will Assist You in Obtaining Insurance-Related Services
We will help you find appropriate loss control services, third party administrators or public adjusters.  

We Can Help Reduce Your Costs by Reviewing Loss Control Recommendations 
We will assist you when insurers inspect and require compliance with expensive loss control recommendations as a condition of insuring your business.  

Claims Handling and Loss Control Recommendations


We will represent you in dealing with insurers on all claims involving policies we write for you and assist you in complying with insurance carrier loss control recommendations. Claims can be submitted on our secure internet server and claims status can be tracked.

  • You can access our secure server to submit a claim or to track claims status received from insurers
  • We expedite the claim process to minimize your business disruption due to insured loss
  • Our experienced claims staff represents your interest to ensure a fair and proper loss adjustment
  • We understand the legal liability claims process and act as your liaison for third party claims
  • When problems crop up on claims for other types of losses we are there to resolve the problems
  • We will track the status of claims affecting your experience-rated and retrospective-rated policy premiums
  • We can assist you in responding to costly insurance carrier loss control recommendations
  • We can assist you in complying with mandatory loss control recommendations